Concrete Cutting - Floor Saw

Drillone Contracting & Trading Concrete Diamond Coring Drilling Cutting Floor Saw

Cutting slabs for expansion joints thickness up to 150mm.


Also known as slab sawing, this method cuts asphalt and concrete surfaces such as floors, pavements, and electrical trenches. We use modern and tough machineries that can cut precise shapes and draw straight lines. We have complete cutting tools to address any projects; be it large or small. Our tools can draw concrete lines for design and pattern purposes. And according to your specific measurements, we make sure that your needs are met using our advanced equipment that are designed for precision cutting. In addition, we also have portable and hand-held tools to work on tight areas. All of these and more are the services that we have in store for you. No matter what your construction needs are, our experience can guarantee to get the job done on time and on high quality. Our team has been on all types of concrete construction projects; thus, you can expect us to accommodate your needs and demands.

Concrete demolition and cutting services.

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