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Drillone Trading & Contracting W.L.L believe that "Customer Satisfaction" is the only way to success, we find innovative solutions and advance technology to solve their problems where no one else could manage. We offers to our customers a wide range of concrete services.

Concrete Diamond Core Drilling

  • Hole diameter from 12mm - 800mm for various concrete thickness, inclined coring, horizontal and vertical.
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Concrete Cutting- Wall Saw

  • Reinforced concrete cutting upto 700mm thickness on wall and slab.
  • Opening for windows, doors, horizontal and vertical cutting.
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Concrete Cutting - Floor Saw

  • Cutting slabs for expansion joints thickness up to 150mm.
  • Cutting asphalt.
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Concrete Cutting - Wire Saw

  • Efficient way to remove large concrete structures.
  • Wire saw gives the advantage that no vibration and dust free while working.
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Concrete Scanning

  • Latest technology in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS)
  • Concrete scanning, 3d imaging and power cable detection/utilities location services.
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Concrete Demolition

  • A reliable demolition expert
  • More than 8 years hands on experience in concrete demolition
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Rebar and Chemical Anchor Fixing

  • Expert on any type of rebar or chemical anchor installation
  • Fixing all type of anchors as per standard specification
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Pile Breaking

  • Mainly used for remove surplus concrete from the piles
  • Breaking the pile with diameter from 300mm to 2000mm by using pneumatic jack hammers.
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Water Jet Cutting

  • Works with ultra high pressure water 20,000 - 40,000 PSI .
  • This tool can cut wide variety of material such as concrete,marble, steel etc by using a very high pressure of water with abrasives.
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Concrete Floor Grinding

  • Repair damaged surfaces, leveling uneven surfaces and make smooth finish
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Concrete Scarifying

  • Scarifiers remove concrete faster and more agrassively than grinders
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