Reinforced Concrete Cutting - Wall Saw
drillone Reinforced Concrete Cutting - Wall Saw

Reinforced concrete cutting upto 700mm thickness on wall and slab.

Opening for windows, doors, horizontal and vertical cutting.


Wall sawing provides an efficient solution for precision reinforced concrete or masonry wall cutting. Powered by electricity, our machines are ideal for cutting doorways, windows, reducing wall heights, and forming lift-shaft openings etc. Capable of cutting 750mm depth. Wall sawing leaves a smooth finish , clear cut with no overlap and no harm to the remaining structure. The saw blade cuts the concrete or masonry in small increments, in a series of passes until the required depth has been reached.

This operation is over-viewed and controlled remotely by an operator who has the controls about their person. They are able to maintain a safe working environment with dust free and less noise cutting.


  • Cutout and breaches for doors, windows bshafts and piles.
  • Controlled demolition and renovation.
  • HVAC openings.

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