Concrete Diamond Core Drilling
drillone qatar Concrete Diamond Core Drilling

Hole diameter from 12mm - 600mm for various concrete thickness, inclined coring, horizontal and vertical.


Diamond drilling is a quiet, non-percussive way of forming holes and openings. we can make holes in the reinforced concrete . The size of diameter starts from 12mm to 600mm with the depth up to 10 meter.The holes can be drilled vertical , horizontal , inclined and overhead surfaces. Drilled holes are often used to route cables , fixing dowells , conduit pipes and wires through structures for renovations or new constructions.


  • Penetration up to 600mm diameter in rein forced concrete.
  • Corner holes for wall-sawing.
  • Large diameter coring e.g. manholes and foundations.
  • Deep hole coring.
  • Coring applications in highly reinforced concrete.
  • Penetration for ducts, pipes and cables.
  • Opening for ventilation.
  • Stitch drilling for breaches.
  • Holes for service entries.
  • Wet drilling in concrete with drill stand.
  • Wet drilling in concrete with hand-held.
  • MEP application.
  • Anchor fixing.
  • Handrail fixing.
  • Cladding fixing.
  • Test cores.

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