Diamond Blades


Made in UK

Size : 450mm to 2200mm


DrillOne diamond blades in sizes starting from 450mm to 2200mm diameter. The DrillOne technologyis using a manufacturing method that was already advanced. Diamond blade is mainly used for cutting concrete slabs, reinforced concrete, asphalt cutting, marble and granite cutting.


  • More Speed
    • The constant presence of diamond on the surface of the segment ensures the blade consistantly cuts at maximum speed.
  • More life
    • Drillone technology makes full use of every diamond, maximising the life of the blade.
  • Smoother cut
    • With no gaps between the diamond , as with conventional positioned diamomd blades. it cuts smoothly throughout the life of the segment.
  • Better through steel
    • It is essential to have as much sharp diamond on the surface of the segment as possible.

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